Premium Garden Mix

$80.00 m3

Our premium garden mix is a blended soil ideal for growing most vegetables. It is a ready to use soil to create or fill up a raised vegetable patch. Premium garden mix has a blend of super-fine Soil Conditioner, clean sand and sawdust. These three ingredients provide a loose growing medium for quick root development and all the benefits from healthy compost (humus, water holding ability and good soil bacteria).

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For best results, 2 weeks prior to planting vegetables (say the start of the season) apply a layer of organic fertiliser such as clean poultry manure and till into the surface to a depth of approximately 150mm. This will aerate and loosed your soil and apply fresh fertiliser for nitrogen hungry vegetables. Apply liquid fertiliser during the growth and bloom stages as recommended. Seed free lucerne and pea straw is recommended for mulching around summer crops.

Each planting of vegetables will be growing in the same invigorated Premium Garden Mix and produce bountiful crops season after season.

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm


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