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This saying conjures up images of a great steak served with seafood. But in this case it has another meaning. It means if you are planning on laying turf on your property then spend some time 'surfing' the internet or 'consulting a landscape specialist' so that you are well informed about the type of turf you need. Like on menus there are many things to choose from and it's the same for turf. With a great selection to choose from many of us would simply choose our mains and forget about the entrees. However, the entree is equally if not more important than the main. First there is the preparation of the site, the soil, the installation, and the watering prior to and after laying the turf to consider. Then its time to make your choice!

Fortunately, this decision is made a little easier today as the market has an array of quality turf that is designed to provide choice while meeting the rigours of our environment. For example, Sir Walter Buffalo turf is an all round grass that looks great, costs less time, is drought resistant, is great for heavy traffic areas and reduces the likelihood of weeds. Then there is Zoysia, nicknamed 'easy grass' because its low maintenance, requires less watering and fertilizing. Essentially it's a great all rounder. But if you are looking for a deep green emerald grass to compliment your landscape that holds its colour longer in the autumn months, is frost and salt tolerant, and only requires 3 hours of filtered sun a day to thrive - then Sir Walter Buffalo Turf may be the one you need!!

With all of the choices available it can be quite confusing and difficult to make a decision on the best one for your needs because choosing the right type is not the only consideration you need to take into account when laying turf. Why not talk to the team at Smart Stone Landscaping Supplies they have several types of turf and are are the Turf Supplier to go to on the Gold Coast. The friendly team will be happy to share their comprehensive knowledge with you while assisting you to make an informed decision suitable for your requirements.