Bases & Drainage Gravel

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Selecting the correct sub-base layers and base layers are critical elements required for creating a long-lasting roadbase for your driveway. Not only do they ensure effective distribution of weight loads, they also facilitate adequate drainage for the area while providing good structural support for other surface materials. Ultimately, this helps to maximize the performance and longevity of the driveway. The same applies when laying the base for your home, shed, or for any other area that requires strength, good drainage, and durability. Implementing good drainage gravel when building your base is essential to prevent water remaining on the surface. If the surface is impermeable, the water can't escape, this then causes the surface above to breakdown resulting in cracking and an uneven surface.The importance of these key elements to creating the perfect base cannot be stressed enough! If you are unsure what you need to build a solid base for your project, or you require gravel or soil for your road or driveway, don't hesitate to call in , or phone the team at Smart Stone Landscape Supplies for expert knowledge and service. They are gravel suppliers and have a range of quality sands and soils ready to be picked up or delivered from their premises based on the Gold Coast and Logan.