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How good does a stone floor look? Natural stone really adds warmth and depth to a room with its depth of colour and great texture. Over time though it's appearance can change. General food spillages, grease and oil can spoil the look of the stone causing it to discolour. Water can also permeate through the stone both in its liquid form and vapor form causing cracking and altering the composition of the material. It can also cause calcium salt deposits to form. This results in streaking or a white chalky look that spoils the overall appearance. Fortunately, there is a solution! Specially designed sealers enhance and protect stone, tiles and masonry by making it stain resistant and improving its overall longevity. You can even get one that makes your stone really shine with its wet look. So if you are considering a stone, tile, masonry wall or floor for your premises, or you already have one that is looking stained, mouldy,or has in-ground dirt, then call in or phone the friendly, helpful team at Smart Stone Landscape Supplies. They will be only too happy to assist you.