Enviroshield Consolidator Plus 2ltr


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Combination consolidator & sealer

CONSOLIDATOR PLUS is a combination consolidator and
penetrating sealer specially formulated for stain and salt
protection around swimming pools. CONSOLIDATOR PLUS is
suitable for internal, external domestic and commercial surfaces
and will help prevent permanent staining from most common
household spills.
To minimise the effects of salt attack ENVIROSHIELD
recommends installing a 40 mm overflow pipe located approx.
150 mm beneath the pool coping. This will reduce the risk of the
coping being regularly submersed in the corrosive pool water
Always clean up spills immediately.
• Do not seal under 10°C or over 30°C.
• Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) –
A minimum requirement of Safety Glasses, Mask, Gloves
and Boots.
• Apply a minimum of 2 thin coats to a clean, dry surface with a
• Coverage approx. 5-15 m2 per Litre per coat. The number of
coats and coverage depends on the porosity of the surface.
• It is important to apply CONSOLIDATOR PLUS to all of the
coping surfaces. (Dip seal if possible.)
• Resealing required every 1-2 years.
• Allow 7 days for curing.
• ENVIROSHIELD recommend regular maintenance with
• Not suitable for Bluestone.
• Always test first.



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