Mulches and Barks

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We all want our gardens to be free of those pesky little things that keep popping up on a regular basis totally uninvited - if your a gardener you will know what I am talking about WEEDS! Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how many times we pull them out or how many times we spray with weed killer, they just keep COMING BACK! At Smart Stone Landscape Supplies we have lots of top quality landscaping supplies and landscape garden ideas which include two weapons that can be used to combat the invading weed war. The first acts by not only by depriving weed seeds of light but will prevent them from ever germinating - it's called MULCH. A thick layer will create a barrier while still allowing adequate moisture to enter which ultimately stops your plants becoming stressed and allowing them to resist insects and other diseases. In other words its a suppressant for gardens. The second weapon is bark chips. These work in a similar way to mulch by providing the same protection but can also be used to spruce up the landscape of a garden. As they blend in with the environment they make an aesthetically pleasing addition while raging a private war against weeds. So if your garden is being invaded by unwanted guests, or you want to prevent invasion in the future, call in or phone the team at Smartstone who are experts in Mulch on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. They will be happy to discuss their range of mulch and other products that can assist in weed prevention.