Garden Fertilisers

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Sometime in our lives we all need to take vitamins to boost our bodies. Well it's no different for our lawns and plants. At certain times throughout the year our gardens may need that extra boost to keep them looking green and alive. Thanks to some excellent products on the market the days of fertilizing with manure's that burnt your plants are gone. Today we have a range of organic pure manure, organic potting mixes, and organic fertilisers that aid in moisture retention and aeration thus reducing the amount of watering. Not only are they super foods for your plants, but contain no harmful bacteria, they are low in odour and are convenient and safe to use. So if you are wanting to showcase the 'healthiest garden in the street' - call in or phone the friendly team at Smart Stone Landscaping Supplies. They will be only to happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Or, alternatively you can order your gardening supplies online and they will be delivered to your door.