Timber Sleepers

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When most people think about using sleepers for landscaping they think about putting them around the garden as borders or using them as a retaining wall. However, with a bit of creative thinking you can use sleepers for a variety of things in and around your home/business. Need a deck? What about using sleepers to create a lighter,cheaper, long lasting, simple, and quick to construct sitting area that is truly unique? Another way to highlight the versatility of these logs is to create your own world of water with a water-feature. Simply place your fountain or waterfall where you want and cut the logs to create an exceptional design around it. You could even fill the gaps in between with some top soil and mulch to create a low maintenance garden that will be the envy of your friends. Sleepers can also be a great way to highlight a tree. By placing some sleepers around it, putting in some pebbles and pavers, and planting some color, this area of your garden can be transformed in a truly outstanding centrepiece. Or, what about designing some fish ponds? When you are building and landscaping - ideas are never-ending! If you are looking to to create a sleeper garden or give your current garden a make-over, then call the team at Smart Stone Landscape Supplies. They are only too happy to help you with all of your landscaping supplies.