Pure Manure

Unlike raw manure, Pure Manure pellets have a guaranteed analysis, will not burn plants, are easy to spread and store, are easy to transport and have no weed seeds or pathogens. A premium pelletised poultry manure (Chicken manure or Chicken poo). Highest analysis composted poultry manure – Pure Manure is the best available in terms of nutrients (up to 27% more nutritional value than other leading brands) making it great value for money.Certified by NASAA as an input for organic production.  30% organic carbon as a biological storehouse for nutrients. It contains slow release organic nitrogen – feeds plants for several months – lasts twice as long as chemical fertilisers. Additionally, it enhances soil moisture retention and aeration – less watering needed! Great for the home gardener – safe to use and over use with out damaging effects to your garden.



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