Hoop Pine Fines

$95.00 / m3

Actual Volume (cu m) 1
Total Price $95.00


Hoop Pine Fines are a beautiful, soft, organic matter that is ideally used as a mulch over your soil or as a soil additive to increase the nutrients in your soil structure. Deep chocolate brown in colour, Hoop Pine Fines is light and easy to work with in the garden. Its dark brown colour and fine texture really create a feature of your plants.  Ideal around most types of plants, including natives, perennials, small or large shrubs, Hoop Pine Fines will refresh your garden instantly. All products are natural and the exact colour and consistency cannot be guaranteed due to variations in the timber or bark raw materials. As a premium manufacturer, we pride ourselves on getting our formulas and manufacturing as close as possible every time.

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm