Environex Anti-Eff 1ltr


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Specialty Efflorescence Remover

ANTI‑EFF is a blend of acids designed to remove unsightly
efflorescence salts and grout smear from pavers, terracotta
and sandstone. Always wet the surface before application
and dilute product with 15-25 parts water as per tech data,
then neutralise with REFRESH and rinse. Mix away from
surface to be treated. A fizzing reaction is normal. It is
important to do a small area, get the product on and then
scrub and rinse quickly. Always treat the whole area in
a uniform manner and never use the product without
diluting it. Never allow ANTI‑EFF to dry on the surface. Thorough rinsing is
vital. (The floor must be rinsed with REFRESH to take off any residue and left
over dirt. Not to be used on polished surfaces such as porcelain.) Suitable for
most surfaces. Best use is on concrete pavers.
Always use gloves, safety glasses and full length clothing.
Coverage: One Litre should clean approx. 10 square metres



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